The Purpose Of Your Free Content Is To Get
To Your Sales Page Hungry To Buy

It's not enough to just give away free content. It really isn't. Think I'm wrong about this?

Drop by your favourite article bank and read through the first ten articles you find. Or spend thirty minutes sampling from throughout the article bank. Let me know what you find.

From experience I can tell you mostly what you will find is

Content that gets a "no"

If I were forced to give a percentage, I would guess that 95% of free content does nothing of significance to get the reader/listener/viewer to buy a product or service.

The overwhelming majority of free content does not produce sales. It does not make money. In a sense, it is a complete waste of time and effort. In fact, it can be counterproductive...and actually convince people NOT to buy.

Content that gets a "maybe"

Then, there is other free content that provides quality information in a professional format. It's good stuff, maybe even great stuff. But it really doesn't do much to get fence-sitters to take action. It produces a "maybe".

Maybe sometime in the future I'll click a link. Or take a closer look. Or consider a purchase. Maybe. The problem with maybe is that it's twin sister is "maybe not". It could go either way in the future.

Content that gets a "yes"

Finally, there is that rare breed of free content that whets the appetite.

# It does an effective job at pre-selling the reader/listener/viewer on a specific product or service.

# It persuades people, in whole or in part, to make a purchase.

# It accomplishes its intended purpose. Money is made.

This kind of content gets the most results. There is no method that produces 100% conversion, but this kind of content helps you get closer to that number.

Free content isn't enough. You want to give away stuff that gets a "yes"! Are you doing that?

Right now, today, take an inventory of your free content. And answer honestly...

# Do you find yourself camped out in group one?

# Are you satisfied with your fingers-crossed in group two?

# Would you like to be a part of the select group three?

I can help you with that. And it's not going to be a grand departure from what you already know to do. What I'm about to tell you is not for you to do a different thing, but rather to do the same thing in a different way.

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